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Additional Dedication Prayers

Additional Dedication Prayers


Jam pel pa wö ji tar khyen pa dang

Kün tu zang po de yang de zhin té

De dak kün gyi je su dak lob chir

Ge wa di dak tham ché rab tu ngo


Dü sum shek pé gyel wa tham ché kyi

Ngo wa gang la chok tu ngak pa dé

Dak gi ge wé tsa wa di kün kyang

Zang po chö chir rab tu ngo war gyi


Pha ma sem chen tham ché de dang den gyur chig

Ngen dro tham ché tak tu tong wa dang

Jang chub sem pa gang na su zhug kün

De dak kün gyi mön lam drub gyur chig




In order to train just like

The hero Manjushri who knows reality as it is

And just like Samantabhadra as well,

I completely dedicate all this goodness, just as they did


With that dedication which is praised as greatest

By all the buddhas gone to freedom in the three times,

I, too, dedicate all my roots of goodness

For the attainments of the bodhisattva practice


May all father and mother sentient beings have happiness

May all the lower realms be emptied forever

And wherever there are bodhisattvas,

May all their prayers be accomplished


The first two prayers are from FPMT translation of King of Prayers