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Meditate with us at our new location!

The South Carolina Dharma Group has a new location in the Earlewood neighborhood of Columbia, in a building on Florence street just behind the house at 3003 Columbia Street (please come to the building on Florence, not to the house). Please join us for meditation there each Sunday at 10 AM.  For more detailed directions, write us at or call 803-467-7759.

Talk on "Meditation and Neuroplasticity"

by Dr. Dieter Borrmann

(student of Geshe Topgyal and Neurologist at the Gemeinschaftspraxis für Neurologie, Psychiatrie, Psychotherapie in Emmerich, Germany.)

             Wednesday   MARCH 25, 2015     5:30 P.M.

USC  Williams-Brice Nursing Building, Room  133

Corner of Pickens and Greene, USC Campus   Columbia, SC 29201

Parking available off Greene  and at the Pickens-Pendleton Garage

Co-sponsored by the South Carolina Dharma Group and the USC Department of Religion

Dr. Dieter Borrmann is a Neurologist at the Gemeinschaftspraxis für Neurologie, Psychiatrie, Psychotherapie in Emmerich, Germany.  He is a student of Buddhism under Geshe Dakpa Topgyal at The Charleston Tibetan Society, Charleston, SC. and under Geshe Pema Samten at the Tibetisches Zentrum e.V., Hamburg, Germany, where he is more than halfway into a seven year systematic course of study in Tibetan Buddhism. With the Universität Bonn he has contributed to the research on "Meditation and White Matter". His fascinating book about meditation from the perspective of a neurologist, both in personal experience and in medical practice, will soon be translated and published in English.

Stupa Completed


A stupa honoring the memory of the late Geshe Ngawang Phuntsok, former resident teacher of the South Carolina Dharma Group, has been completed and was consecrated in a formal ceremony in April 2014 in Bomdila, which lies in the mountains of northeastern India.

Stupa dedication ceremony

The stupa not only honors the memory of Geshe Phuntsok but also serves for the long-term spiritual benefit of visitors to Bomdila and residents of the region. Stupas represent the enlightened mind of buddhas and exhibit the spiritual road map to enlightenment. The stupa will exist as a source of merit for generations of numerous devoted people who can make offerings at and circumambulations around the sacred monument.

Erection of the stupa was made possible through the generous donations of Dr. Jamie Felberg and members of the Asanga Institute of Montrose, Colorado.


Geshe Phuntsok, who passed away September 18, 2012, was an ordained senior sangha member of Drepung Loseling and Gyuto Monasteries and taught in India and the United States. 

Teachings from Ven. Chonyi

Ven. Thubten Chonyi, of Sravasti Abbey in Washington State, visited SCDG for teachings Dec. 31-Jan. 5.  Below are pictures from the visit.

Ven. Chonyi teaches the weekend session on Four Thoughts That Turn the Mind to the Dharma

Members with Ven. Chonyi at the end of the teachings.


w Book by Spiritual Director Published

A new book, titleDeath: A Natural Part of Life, has been released by Geshe Dakpa Topgyal, the Spiritual Director of the South Carolina Dharma Group and Charleston Tibetan Society. This text shows how we can prepare for our inevitable death by 1) living an ethical life, 2) learning about the meaning of death as built into every birth and 3) practicing or training to become familiar with the process that we will all go through at the end of this life in order to develop the ability to maintain a calm and virtuous state of mind at the time of our death
 also discusses what is needed in those around a person who is dying.

Although Geshe 
 teaches from a Tibetan Buddhist perspective, this book is not only for practitioners of Tibetan Buddhism. Death is a universal condition and each one of us must face it regardless of who we are--religious or nonreligious. Death: A Natural Part of Life will benefit every reader who wishes to examine death to reduce fear and who seeks to come to terms with the fact that as we were born we all must die.

The book is now available at the Dharma Center. For more information email us at

Geshe Phuntsok Memorial Fund

The South Carolina Dharma Group, in conjunction with Dr. Jamie Felberg, the Asanga Institute of Montrose, Colorado, and the Charleston Tibetan Society, has established a scholarship fund in memory of Geshe Ngawang Phuntsok. Geshe Phuntsok was the South Carolina Dharma Group’s resident teacher in 2002 and 2003 and was the Asanga Institute’s resident teacher from 2007 to 2012.

As devoted dharma students of Geshe Phuntsok, and following the moral suggestion of Geshe Dakpa Topgyal, SCDG’s spiritual director, the members of SCDG, CTS, the Asanga Institute, and Dr. Jamie Felberg, donated to the scholarship fund to make Geshe Phuntsok’s dream reality. We made contributions out of heartfelt respect for our teacher and out of the wish that Geshe Phuntsok’s dream be realized.

A second moral imperative, as pointed out by Geshe Topgyal, is to build a stupa in memory of Geshe Phuntsok in his home village, Bomdila, in northeastern India where he was born and where his parents currently reside. We are uncertain if we can succeed—that will depend on collecting funds the needed to build the stupa.

The purpose of the stupa will not just be to honor the memory of Geshe Phuntsok, but also to serve for the long-term spiritual benefit of as many sentient beings as possible. The stupa would exist as a sacred source of merit for generations of numerous devoted people who may make offerings at the stupa and circumambulations around the monument.

Dr. Jamie Felberg has made a commitment to help make the stupa a reality, but any individual who would like to donate can donate online or by mailing a check to the South Carolina Dharma Group, PO Box 50357, Columbia, SC 29250. Contact us for more information at

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Portrait of H.H. the 14th Dalai Lama

Photo credit: Tenzin Choejor, The Office of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

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